• The card arrived on-time and it looked even better in person! - Charlotte


  • Their selection of non-sports cards was very good - Ben


  • I was looking for a Mew card for weeks and Graded Gold had it for a very affordable price! - Charlie


  • I am never buying off Ebay again after my experience here! - Justin


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What is Graded Gold?

Graded Gold is the product of two friends who wanted to show the world that encasing their childhood doesnt have to cost an arm and a leg.

  • All Graded, All the time.

    All cards on our site have been graded by accredited institutions for accuracy and consistency.

  • Consistent Shipping

    All products are shipped out once a week every week, to ensure no sales are missed.

  • Ever-Changing Inventory

    All Cards are of limited quantity; As such, new items are added on a monthly basis.

  • No Haggling; No Auctions

    We use crowd-sourced pricing to bring you the best possible price for every single item.